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Working on a hobby car, a scooter for the short drives or a motorcycle for the hot summer days? Enough reasons to be accessible on multiple vehicles. Manage up to 3 license plates with PRO.

Search plates

with image recognition

Take advantage of the cleverness of Machine Learning. Take a picture of the license plate and watch it translate to text, eliminating the need to type.

Reach more users on the map

Increase radius from 30 to 100 km


Multiple images

Enrich your profile

Add 25 photos

Close-up of your rims, detail of a scent or sticker of your car group. Complete your album by adding 25 instead of 5 photos of your vehicle and related details.

Customize your account

change the icon

Stand out in the crowd by customizing your icon on the map.  Easier to recognize and match your vehicle.

Add a PRO status

to your profile

Show it off! Show that you are PRO and add an emblem to your profile picture. Visible everywhere.

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Use dark mode

Should you like it better, you can switch to a dark theme for a better experience.

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About us

The license plate chat app.
Our mission is to make communication in and around the vehicle possible for everyone. WheelBees allows users to communicate by sending and receiving text messages through license plates. No more meaningless waving, headlight flashing or honking!
We’ve got you covered.