Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

WheelBees is a project that started from a need. A need to help each other and bring people closer together. Using a mobile application and a web forum, we ensure that road users can approach each other for a variety of purposes.

Choose the country of origin (Usually this will be automatically filled in by your network detection).

Fill in the next bar the license plate you want to approach.

When you press search license plate, a contact screen will appear.

Here you can choose to send a template message, voice message or type your message manually in the box below.

When you press the send button (arrow in the corner), the message will be sent to the user connected to the plate.

In your messages screen, long press the conversation you want to remove. A pop-up will appear asking you to confirm your action.

Remember that these messages will be deleted and can’t be recovered.

Like every other social platform, there will be users that have different goals than we have 😓. If you want to block these users, just go to their ‘profile’ and press the 3 dashes in the upper right corner.

Here you can ‘report’ and ‘block’ a user. Reporting the user will keep us updated about these users. We can ban them from the platform, so they won’t disturb other users. In the meantime you are able to block these users, so they aren’t able to send you a message anymore. Keeping it fun!

Go to your profile in the ‘menu’ (3 dashes in the upper left corner). Click on your profile image or on the title profile. Here you’ll see 3 counters with the ‘blocked’ list on the right side. Click on it and choose the user to ‘unblock’ with a simple click on the button.

You are now able to receive and send messages with this user again.

As we are a brand new platform building up from scratch, we don’t have the best servers at our disposal as of now. We hope to grow together with our users.

Want to do your part and help out? Invite your friends to WheelBees so we keep getting stronger as a community! 💪

This is the speech-to-text function. Press the button once to make it glow orange and spell the letters of the license plate you are searching for. The engine will detect when you are done speaking and will translate your ‘voice’ to a license plate in the search bar. 🎤

Keep in mind that the language of this function is the language used by your phone’s system settings.

We are always open for feedback, so we can work on the app and create the best possible experience for you. Any feedback can be sent to [email protected].

This will happen occasionally. You tried your best to help someone out, but the car owner did not claim the license plate yet. Sending a message will be possible, but it will not be read. 

There are a few options to do when such situations occur. For example leaving a note saying “Download the WheelBees app. I left a message for you!“. Do you have a better way to solve this issue? Let us know at [email protected] and we’ll try to implement it!

Let’s be honest, every app or website will get data from their users. It is needed to gain insights about how users use the provided services.

The same goes for WheelBees. We will use the data shared to enhance the experience of the app usage. Here’s an example: every country has their own license plate flag. To connect you automatically to the right country, instead of manually finding it, our system finds it for you based on your IP.

You get to decide how your information is used. We will never sell your personal information to third parties! 🙅🏻

Did you know bees communicate by dancing? That’s right, they dance! How awesome is it to talk by moving your butt? This unique way of communicating inspired us to use their existence in our company name. We tried to mimic them and create a unique way of communicating for road users. Surely we are not as cool as bees are 🍯.

The word wheel is exactly what you expect it to be. Mixing these together creates an easy to remember name “WheelBees”. The capitalization is a specific choice, so both words can be respected on their own without seperating them.

WheelBees wants to get users closer to each other by creating a strong community. Of course, this comes at a cost. To stay independent and don’t become too commercial, we are avoiding external investors.

We now have a PRO version of the app. This is a great way to contribute to the platform. Oh and you get some nice features as a token of appreciation. For more information, visit

About us

The license plate chat app.
Our mission is to make communication in and around the vehicle possible for everyone. WheelBees allows users to communicate by sending and receiving text messages through license plates. No more meaningless waving, headlight flashing or honking!
We’ve got you covered.

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