Give your vehicle an identity and socialize

Millions of vehicles on the road and millions of internet users, yet no way of communicating between drivers.
WheelBees is here to change this forever! Introducing the license plate chat app.

WheelBees license plate chat app thanking illustration with route mapping including smiley and location balloon


Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to thank a fellow road user for giving way or thank the person who gave you driving directions to your destination? ✋

With WheelBees you can show your gratitude to that random stranger!


There are a lot of people on the road worth meeting. Get in touch with the driver which just caught your eye. With WheelBees you are now able to chat with car owners, share interests with them and become friends.

Or you know, find your future love 🥰

WheelBees license plate chat app meeting illustration including a chat conversation between two drivers showing the happiness
WheelBees license plates chat app warning image while the user is speeking, in other words warning other drivers


Imagine having a defect on your car and driving miles without knowing of this problem. People honk and make gestures and you are like 🤔? What about the situation where you forgot your window open while it’s pouring rain? In other words, how great would it be if people could warn you?

WheelBees allows users to warn each other and make the traffic a safer and more fun place to be.


Ever drove to a charging station ⚡, only to find out that the spot is taken? How nice would it be if you could ask the car owner when the spot will be available again? What about the rims you just loved and wanted to know more about?

WheelBees creates a platform where you finally get in touch with vehicle owners and find the answers you need.

WheelBees license plate chat app asking illustration with question mark and charging spots showing

How does it work?


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Search for a license plate, find the owner of the vehicle and start chatting.
Don’t miss out on the fun stuff!

WheelBees, the license plate chat app. A happy bee with trail behind it, the mascotte of the site and app


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About us

The license plate chat app.
Our mission is to make communication in and around the vehicle possible for everyone. WheelBees allows users to communicate by sending and receiving text messages through license plates. No more meaningless waving, headlight flashing or honking!
We’ve got you covered.